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During the process of the festival Låvda we had a lot of attention from the press and you can find some of the interviews here.

Sami Radio

Låvda is the first Sami dance film festival and will be held from 11 to 12 December this year.
Now the organizer Liv Aira is looking for films that can show during the digital and physical festival in Jokkmokk.
"We mainly welcome Sami screen dance films and I hope for many contributions from all countries and not just Sweden. But also to bring in films from other indigenous peoples," says Liv Aira.

Link to Sami Radio

SVT News
Dance festival will lift the dance in Sápmi

This weekend there will be a dance film festival in Jokkmokk. Five brand new Sami dance films will premiere. The festival is also broadcast online and will encourage more dancing in Sápmi.
According to the organizer and dancer Liv Aira, this is the world's first Sami dance film festival.

- I look forward to seeing more dance and other alternative art forms in Sápmi. I hope it can encourage more people to dare to try new things.

Thirteen films will be shown, and dance workshops will be held on site in Jokkmokk. Several dancers and filmmakers will talk about their creative processes. According to Liv Aira, there is a need to gather and show the dance in Sápmi.

- It feels fun that we Sami dance artists gather for the first time in an event like this. We get to show a breadth and how to develop the Sami culture through artistic expression. And I hope it can create networks, says Liv Aira, organizer and dancer.

The festival is organized by the cultural association Aktavuohta in collaboration with Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company.

Link to the interview

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Indian Country Today
Expression through Sami dance

The Låvda Sápmi Screendance Festival is the first of its kind. It gathers Sami dance films from Sweden, Finland and Norway. The festival will take place in Jokkmokk, Sweden this week. Liv Andersson Aira is the festival's manager. She joins the ICT newscast to tell us more about this new event. 

Link to the interview

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