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About Us

Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company

Touring dance company, dance productions, screen dance and performing arts. We are based in Jokkmokk, Sweden, above the Polar Circle and that makes us the dance company established further north than any other dance company in Sweden. The purpose of the company is to inform the public and the community about Sápmi. We work with artist that origin from Sápmi to create art about Sápmi, for everyone. We also work with other indigenous peoples around the world.

Our Story

"Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company" addresses topics that have been and are close to the Sami in history such as; environment, nature, the way they lived and live, historical events that have influenced and affect the Sami way of life today.


These subjects will be shaped through dance, music, yoik and visual art that can speak to anyone, regardless of background or age. The goal is to create interest and curiosity for Sápmi, its beauty and an understanding that this is a society and culture to take advantage of and learn from.

About Sami

The Sami are a people who have both been forcibly displaced and categorized by racial biology, which has affected both the history of the Sami and how they live in today's society. Even today, children learn more about other minority populations in school than about their own indigenous population; The Sami.

As a Sami, you should have the right to learn Sami in school. In practice, it is not as easy as it sounds to get the education that Sami children are entitled to and required to preserve the Sami languages.

"Invisible People" is a nickname the Sami have been given as they have been made invisible by society. The purpose of this company is to make the Sami people, languages and art visible through touring dance performances in an innovative way. The name is a reminder of the Sami oppression.

Artists and collaborations

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