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A magnificent and magical dance and music performance for all ages

The performance is suitable for both the date and the family with children, but also for the group of friends who want to experience art in nature.

Join us on a journey in Sápmi and experience enchanting sami st brought to life in a magical setting of Storforsen's unique environment.

In this summer's performance, we get to know the mythical Rika Maja who lived an exciting life abolut 150km from Storforsen in the 17th century. She was a powerful woman who, according to legend, had supernatural powers and could control both weather and reindeer.

Take the whole family on a real adventure and an experience that will stay in your heart for a long time.

Skájdde is a production in the project Bidum Iedno, read more here

Book your tickets here

At the show


We open up for the show one hour before start, you can scan your ticket with our staff at the entrance. If you don't have a ticket you can buy it at the entrance.


Dance walk

When arriving to Storforsen for the show we recommend you to take your time to do our dance-walk, where you will find QR-codes in the area that you can scan and see our interactive part of this performance. Dancers filmed in the surroundings of Storforsen and the stage, with some poetry read to the dance.

Art exhibition

There is also an art exhibition at the site, where you can see paintings inspired by the show and the dancers.

Story reading for kids

Story reading in a tent for the kids, before each show.


We are proud to work with the following financers & cooperations

  • Kulturrådet, Nationella minoriteter & Dans
  • Älvsbyns Kommun
  • Sparbanken Nord, Framtidsbanken
  • Region Norrbotten, Kultur & Danskonsulenten
  • Längmanska Företagsfonden
  • Danscentrum Norr
  • Danskonsulenten i Norrbotten
  • Riksteatern Norrbotten
  • Storforsen Hotell
  • Dans i Nord
  • Stiftelsen Greta
  • Arctic Indigenous Found
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