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once upon a time

About Akti Lij

Akti lij - "once upon a time", is a magical performance that takes children into the Sami fairytale world. Through dance and movement, we let the audience travel from place to place among beings and creatures from the world of stories. Sami storytelling tradition is something that has accompanied the Sami in history and carried with them the tales of today's children.


We now want to carry on this tradition and cultural heritage through an interactive dance performance. The performance is suitable both as a public and for schools; where we include educational material to give teachers the opportunity to work with children in the theme Sápmi also in other school subjects.


A warm welcome to a performance that is suitable for both Sami and non-Sami children, a great way to introduce today's society to Sápmi and a way for the children in and from Sápmi to take it from their own history and cultural heritage through dance.

General information
Age group

4-10 years, also nice as a family show

Length of performance

35 min

Touring area



Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Sami

Shows per day


Max visitors

40 kids + teachers/adults

Number of participants

2 dancers, 1 technician

Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij föreställning
Akti Lij Poster
Akti Lij
Akti Lij
Akti Lij
Akti Lij
Akti Lij
Akti Lij is a part of Riksteatern's mediation activities based on coordinating and developing the mediation of all touring performing arts in Sweden. The purpose is to gather and make visible the offer from touring performing arts practitioners and make it easier for local organizers to easily find and book performing arts.


You will of course find the information here about our dance show Akti Lij.

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Technical information Akti Lij
Stage size

6 x 6m

Stage width

at least 6m

Stage depth

at least 6m

Ceiling height


Electricity requirements

2 x 10A

Dressing room women


Building-/taking down

about 2,5 h/1,5 h

Help to carry

1-2 persons



Other regarding premises

Hall with even floor space e.g. gymnasium / blackbox, total floor space including audience: 9.5 m wide and 11 m deep. See technical rider

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For you as the organizer
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Liv Aira
Marika Renhuvud
Booking request
Calendar for Akti Lij
Subsidies for this show

There are some important subsidies for this show for the Swedish area. Please contact us to get more information about this.


Artists involved in this show

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