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Nåjden och den vita renen.jpg

The Nåjd and the white reindeer

A library production

About the Nåjd and the white reindeer

The Nåjd and the white reindeer is an interactive storytelling performance with several exciting moments. The children gather in one place, often near the entrance to the library together with the Nåjd, where they are told about his favorite reindeer and that they should look for it together by yoiking the Southern Sami leader reindeer yoik.


The children then move inside the library to see where the Nåjd lives and get to learn a bit about the rules of his place. Different forces of nature such as the wind, thunder and later the sun, visit the children as dancers and the children are invited to participate in dance with different types of movement patterns.


The forces of nature all want the Nåjd's white reindeer and that makes him sad and they find a way to trick the forces of nature so that he gets to keep his beautiful reindeer, but then something strange happens to the Nåjd's reindeer...

This is an exciting walk through your library, preschool or park where the children are taken on a small adventure through Sápmi.

Technical information

Target group: 3+ years or as a public family performance
Place for performance: Can be played in a wide variety of venues but is designed for a library environment. During summer also suitable for outdoor environments.
Ceiling height: normal ceiling height
Playing time: 30 min
Construction / demolition time: approx. 10 min
Blackout: No
Max audience: 15-18 children + adults if it is a small area but can easily be more depending on the venue.
Number of participants: 1 dancer, 1 storyteller
Carrying aid: is not needed
Idea, script and dancer: Liv Aira
Narrator, author of story: Marika Renhuvud
Costume: Sara Svonni & Lise Tapio Pittja

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