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Skájdde - the brass ring

A magnificent and magical dance, circus and music performance for all ages.

19-21 July 2024

A cultural festival for the whole family and you are welcome to stay for more activities than the show, all included in the ticket that also can be bought at site in the entrance.

Entrance is free for kids 0-12 years.

Check the link for UR that made a short documentary about last years show.


Biljetter från Billetto


Trailer for the festival

A cultural festival for the whole family

Picknick i bilen

A beautiful day

Skájdde 2024 in Storforsen

The natures reserve in Storforsen is a beautiful place for not just a cultural festival. Here you find places to swim and play in the water, barbecue spots and open space for the family picknick.

Bring your own picknick or get some food from our food trucks close to the entrance.

Coffee and some sweet bread for the classical Swedish fika is also sold at the site. We also sell something to sit on if you need. There are no chairs in the park or in front of the stage.

When planning for your trip here, make sure you arrive before the time of the show to fully experience the whole area. The parking is in the forest close to the park, and you just have a 5 min walk down to the festival area. If you have a parking permit for handicap, just let the people at the parking entrance see it and you are granted access to the parking closer to the entrance.

In case of light rain, we will still go on as planned and if there is a passing heavy rain we might postpone the start of the show for a few minutes. Historically it's been extremely rare that a show did not play. Bring clothes for the weather of the day and lets hope for a sunny summer weekend!

Welcome to a wonderful weekend in nature!

gillar! Urval-23739.jpg


Dance, circus, yoik and music at the main stage


Dance Walk

Interactive walk with dance performances

Norrskensnatt stående.png
NORRSCEN Logga norrsken.png


Poetry by professional poets from Sápmi/Norrbotten

Malva Lardén.jpeg

Kids theatre

Live theatre for kids by Malva Lardén near the entrance

Vilda Kidz.jpg

Story walk for kids

In the forest


Art exhibition

A new exhibition is created also for the art in the forest. 


Treasure hunt

Skajdde Festival is back in 2024 with new performances plus an exciting novelty: the Brass Ring Treasure Hunt. Join this fun activity and prove your worth to claim the power of the brass ring.

At the entrance you can buy the map for the treasure hunt if you didn't already buy it online. You use the map to find clues that lead you closer to the treasure.

This activity is recommended for the ages 4-12 years, the youngest should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling.


About the show

Skájdde 2024 - The brass ring

Join us on a journey in Sápmi and experience enchanting sami culture that is brought to life in a magical setting of Storforsen's unique environment.

In this summer's performance, we meet a mother on a search for answers in Sápmi and she finds them through her brass ring and the godess materakka and her daughters.

Through dance, yoik, circus and music you will join her adventure and maybe also find answers for yourself.

Take the whole family on a real adventure and an experience that will stay in your heart for a long time.

Skájdde is a production in the project The three divinities.

About the show
Karta över storforsenområdet för de som reser dit.png

How to get here

Storforsen - Vidsel

By car

If you want to come here by car, you can get the directions here. Parking for private cars have a designated parking and the parking closest to the entrance is reserved for busses and handicapped only. Please look at the map below for directions. 

Offer a ride or ask for a ride!

This year we offer a unique service to all our visitors. You can now offer a ride or ask for a ride in the app Coride. The easiest way to have a cheaper transport without having to care about how to arrange it, it's all done in this super easy app!

Get the app: Apple/iOS or Google/Android

If you offer a ride from somewhere in Norrbotten or Västerbotten you will get a free parking ticket for the event!

As an example:

You live in Skellefteå and plan to go to one of the shows wit a friend of yours. The cost of the trip is about 800kr if you calculate 25kr/10km. You have three more seats in your car and offer these in the app, Coride. After the trip you get half of the cost for the trip back because you split it with two others. Smart huh!

By bus

Except for the normal public bus transports, we also offer bus transport from all over Norrbotten and Västerbotten. We arrange busses with local non-profit organisations, if you want to arrange a bus, contact us. Two weeks before the show we reduce the sales of bus tickets to cities on the coast and the closest area mostly and we then recommend the Coride app for other cities. Contact us for more help with transport if needed.

By train

You can arrive by train from Umeå, Luleå or Stockholm to Älvsbyn and from there also get on one of our busses. Just pick the ticket with bus included and you have the trip there and back included.

For Vilda Kidz

For the people with a ticket from Vilda Kidz, please contact them for transport and food questions.

logo vilda kidz.jpeg
Vilda Kidz

If you need accommodation

Hotell Storforsen

Beautiful hotell in direct connection to the show area, you just take a 10 min walk from the hotel to the show. Sauna, pool, restaurant and bar.

Phone: 0929-721 00


Nyfors konferens & Camping

26 rooms at the camping site in Älvsbyn that has separate cabins for those that want to have their own place. Also with a spa area that includes sauna and pool.

Phone: 0911-666 62
Mobile: 070-335 82 96

Selholmens Camping

Next to the river you find the camping called Selholmen with service building, kiosk, barbecue areas, swimming area and exercise loops.

076-8892039 – Office
070-7597441 – English
073-0434166 – Swedish

Älvsbyns Folkhögskola

The course grounds at Älvsby Folk High School are located in the charming Sjulnäsgården, Ugglan and Svalan. Here you stay in a single or double room with a toilet in the room and a shower in the corridor. You have the opportunity to cook in the shared kitchen.

Monday-Thursday 08.00-15.00
Friday: 08.00-14.00, call 0929-723 00
or email
Other times call 0929-105 40

Hotel Storforsen
The brass ring
rå__ Urval-4711.jpg

About The brass ring

See the circles spreading on the surface;

a line with no beginning, without end.

An eternal cycle where all our lives are intertwined.

In skájdde lands, where Varggáädno flows into Bidum Iedno,

the voices echoes all around us

of those who are flowing, those who are whispering, 

those who are flying, crawling, running,

those who belong to the now 

and those who have walked these paths before us.

The ring of brass helps you uncover

the truths you’ve yet only sensed in the corner of your eye.

Spill some drops from your guksi, into the fire.

Let yourself be reminded that all we have, we have borrowed.

All belong to mother nature.

Nothing comes from somewhere else, there is nothing we can own.

And this is all we have 

to pass on to our children.


Skájdde 2023 Linn 1_3.png

Friday 19/7

18.00 - 19.30

There is a short brake in the middle of the show. Busses leave 30 min after the show.

Skájdde 2023 Linn 2_3.png

Saturday 20/7

13.00 - 14.30

There is a short brake in the middle of the show. Busses leave 30 min after the show.

Skájdde 2023 Linn 3_3.png

Saturday 20/7

18.00 - 19.30

There is a short brake in the middle of the show. Busses leave 30 min after the show.

Sunday 21/7

15.00 - 16.30

There is a short brake in the middle of the show. Busses leave 30 min after the show.

Participating Artists

Liv Aira

Liv Aira

Artistic Dir. choreographer, dancer
Linn Lindström

Linn Lindström

Elin Teilus

Elin Teilus

Yoik Artist
Malva Lardén

Malva Lardén

Jimmy Lundegård

Jimmy Lundegård

Visual arts artist
Marika Renhuvud

Marika Renhuvud

Sarah Zurl

Sarah Zurl

Dancer (intern)
Josefin Şîlan Karlsson

Josefin Şîlan Karlsson

Poet, script, dramaturgy assistant
Klara Sköldulf Philipp

Klara Sköldulf Philipp

Circus Artist
Jenny Schinkler

Jenny Schinkler

Vejde Grind

Vejde Grind

Circus Artist
Raymond Stokki

Raymond Stokki

Laila Susanna Kuhmunen

Laila Susanna Kuhmunen

Costume Design

Dance walk

An interactive performance in the park

As part of the experience at Storforsen, you can take a walk and find qr codes with links to films and poetry. The films are recorded at the location on the map and can be experienced interactively at each location. Scan the qr code with the camera on your mobile to get to the movie. 

Dance walk

Spoken word-poetry

In Raimos Bar, close to the hotel

Spoken word-poetry be professional poets from Sápmi/Norrbotten will perform at Raimos Bar close to the hotel during the weekend 19-20th of July.

Friday 20.00 - 21.30 Poetry in the borderland

Saturday 20.00 - 21.30 Master Poetry-Slam

The poetry will be live-streamed for all those that cannot attend the VIP-show live. We only release 50 tickets per night live and offer everyone else livestreaming due to limitations of space at Raimos Bar.

The ticket for both poetry events can be added on after choosing a ticket. Only available for adults.

Norrskensnatt stående.png
Spoken word-poetry
Kids theatre
Malva Lardén.jpeg

Kids Theatre

A live theatre at the entrance

As a special treat to our younger audience we arrange a special theatre in the same theme as the show Skájdde. You find this activity by the fire close to the stage.

Vilda Kidz.jpg

Story walk

For the kids in the forest

In the forest close to the stage the smaller ones will get a chance to experience a short story telling show.

Help the Nåjd to find his white reindeer.


Art exhibition


The exhibition Skájdde by Silversmak is placed by the forest walk down to the stage area and is inspired by the fire and energy of the performing dancers.

The exhibition is open all weekend and all paintings are for sale.

Art exhibition
Story walk

Program for the weekend


16.00 - 17.30 Story walk

17.15 - 17.55 Kids theatre

18.00 - 19.30 Skájdde

19.40 - 20.00 Kids theatre

20.00 - 21.30 Poetry


11.00 - 12.30 Story walk

12.15 - 12.55 Kids theatre

13.00 - 14.30 Skájdde

14.40 - 15.00 Kids theatre

16.00 - 17.30 Story walk

17.15 - 17.55 Kids theatre

18.00 - 19.30 Skájdde

19.40 - 20.00 Kids theatre

20.00 - 21.30 Poetry


13.00 - 14.30 Story walk

14.15 - 14.55 Kids theatre

15.00 - 16.30 Skájdde

16.40 - 17.00 Kids theatre



What type of food can we find there?

We will have food trucks on site and you can also find food at the hotel during their lunch hours. We are still contacting the different food trucks so we will update here when the deals are made.

Are there any vegetarian/vegan options?

We always make sure to have vegan and vegetarian options, we will put the info here when the deals are made

Are all the performances relevant for kids?

Absolutely! We especially want the kids to feel welcome so we added a theatre around a fire, telling the same story as on the big stage but in a different artistic style, that you can visit before and after the main performance, just to get a better idea about what the show is about.

Is the camping site far from the festival?
We are cooperating with different camping sites and the closest one is at Storforsen Hotel and they have really good service.
Are the performances also entertaining for adults, or is it more targeting kids?
The main performance is mostly made for adults, its a contemporary dance production that is partly telling the story in an abstract way. With the mix of art forms, we aim to make the whole family curious and interested. We have dance, circus, poetry, music and yoik.
Is there going to be a shuttle from Jokkmokk to the festival?
Yes, we will have a bus also from Jokkmokk. We are still in the planning stage and will release bus by bus as we make cooperations.
Am I allowed to bring my dog?
Yes, the festival is outdoors and you can bring your dog. Please remember to pick up after them.
Can I offer a ticket as a present/gift?
Yes, you can buy a ticket and use the name and e-mail of the person you want to send the gift to or you buy the ticket in your name and just transfer the tickets in the ticket service you used to buy the ticket from.
I don’t speak any Swedish, will that be an issue?
No, the show has Swedish in it but you can enjoy the program and the texts from the show also in english. We are also working on a festival app where we might be able to also give you the text spoken in English. We hope to have it ready for this years festival.
Can I buy my ticket at the entrance, and if yes, am I sure to be able to get one?
Yes, we sell tickets to all shows in the entrance. We have permission to host 5000 people per show and if we get close to sell all tickets for one of the shows then we will post this here.
Can I pay everything by card or should I have cash with me?
Yes, you can pay everything by card. We offer Swish as a payment solution too.
Is there a bus coming from Luleå? If yes, where can I find the time schedule ?
Yes, for the 1pm Saturday show we have a bus and the times are:

Departure from Luleå bus station 9.45 a.m. arrival Storforsen 11.00 a.m

Departure Storforsen 15.30 arrival Luleå Bus station 16.45

Can we bring our own food, are there benches, or maybe even an indoor place to eat if the weather is bad?
You can absolutely bring your own food, there are some benches but people mostly sit directly on the rocks. We are selling a wool sitting pad at the entrance if you want more comfort. It's in the middle of a natures reserve so you will not find any indoor place.
Is it same price if I buy the tickets on site?
Tickets sold on site will cost 450kr for adults and 250kr for youth tickets. Children 0-12 years are still free. You can book online until the last week before the show.
Can I have information on how to become a volunteer for next year?
You can just send an email to and you will be added to the list of potential volunteers for next year.
Are the tickets nominative? Can I resell my ticket?
The tickets are personal, but you can transfer the tickets to someone else in the ticket service of Billetto or Tickster.
I am struggling to walk, do we need to walk a lot and how is the path?
We can open up the gates for you if you arrive by car and make sure you get within 20m of the good seats for the main performance. The path down to the stage from the parking is 750m or 10min normal walking pace.
Is the site secured for kids?
It's a natures reserve and there should always be a respect for the area, some places could be risky, especially close to where the water flow. We recommend you to keep your kids close and tell them to beware of the dark spots on the rocks, they are more slippery.
Can I buy a physical ticket somewhere?
You can choose to get a physical ticket from the ticket service online, they will send it to you. Some tourist offices can also offer to print the ticket for you. Just call your local tourist office and ask them for help.
I have hearing problems, do you have any script for me to read, or any other relevant solutions?
We offer a program for the show that will give you a lot of information and that will guide you through the show.
My wife is in a wheelchair, can she access the stage ? Are there any accessibility accommodations for attendees with disabilities?
Yes! We can open the gate for you to drive down very close to the stage where we have a special place for those with wheelchair. For accommodation we would then recommend the hotel Storforsen that is really close.
Is there any senior price? Do you accept American Express? Do you accept Euros?
We are offering a low price for everyone but if you want to arrange a group discount for your local organization for retired together with a bus, you can just contact the festival manager at We accept American Express and Euros.
Which accommodation would you recommend for a group?
We would recommend the offer from the closest hotell, Storforsen. Just check their webpage for more info.
What practical measures do you take to ensure the sustainability of your festival?
We have a mission to make this festival self sustaining and a place for artists to grow and flourish. With 5000 tickets sold each year we can keep this festival going without any funding. We also make sure to keep our costs down and try to open up for volunteers to join this wonderful experience.
Can we come with a stroller?
Of course you can, there are many places where you can access to stage area to find a nice spot for your family.
Do you have group discounts?
If you are a group of more than 10 people please contact to see if we have any group discounts left.
Are you employing only Sami artists?
No, we are employing other artists too, but we want to open up for Sami artists to have a special welcome and a safe place to create.
Our kid will turn 13 during the festival, is it free for him or not?
If your kid has his birthday during any of the days 19-21st of july he is free to join without any cost.
How can we support you?
We would be really happy if you spread the info about this festival to family and friends and if you also share and like our posts on social media that will also help to spread the word. You can also become a supporting member of the dance company's non-profit association, Invisible People Contemporary Dance, by sending any amount to "bank giro" 420-9466 and enter your name or company name as a reference. For payments from other countries contact for information regarding international payments.
Can we talk with the performers or have their contact?
If you are interested in a meeting with the artists as a private visitor or as a reporter you can apply beforehand to
Can I take photographs or record videos at the festival? Are there any restrictions?
Feel free to record or take photos for personal use, any commercial use is 100% prohibited.
Can we buy souvenirs on the spot?
We sell some merch on site and at the entrance you find a really nice shop to get souvenirs.
Do you have any student discounts? Do we need to print the tickets?
We don't have student discounts but we keep all our prices low. Buy the ticket before the festival week online for the lowest price. You don't need to print the tickets.
What happens if the weather is bad? What is your cancellation policy?
We will continue with the festival even if it's some drops of rain, we also offer rain ponchos to buy in the entrance. For cancellation policy we ask you to check with the ticket service you used to buy the ticket.
Is the spoken word-poetry adapted to kids?
No it's not. We sell the tickets for the poetry evening to anyone 18+ years.
If we buy tickets for the 20th, can we still change our mind and come on the 19th? And we want to come for the entirety of the festival, should I buy a ticket for each performance ?
Feel free to change your mind, the ticket is valid for the whole weekend. The reason for us to sell tickets for specific shows is to plan for the practical things around the festival.


We are proud to work with the following financers & cooperations

  • Kulturrådet, Nationella minoriteter
  • Älvsbyns Kommun
  • Sparbanken Nord, Framtidsbanken
  • Region Norrbotten
  • Sametinget
  • Danskonsulenten i Norrbotten
  • Riksteatern Norrbotten
  • Storforsen Hotell
  • Stiftelsen Greta
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