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This is where you can book one or more of our popular performances. We are producing shows for Sapmi, by sami artists for everyone and we are activly encouraging those who book our shows to make them available also for anyone who has a disability.


Ájttega, ”The ancestors”  in lulesami language, is a dance and joik production that invites the audience to  Sápmi. A performance based on the artists personal stories. The Sami, a people that wants to preserve their land Sápmi, the nature to the future generations. Ájttega is a performance that presents Sápmis culture in a new way, with respect for its history and tradition.

Akti Lij

Akti lij - "Once upon a time", is a magical performance that takes the children into the Sami fairytale world. Through dance and movement, we let the audience travel from place to place among beings and creatures from the world of stories.

Lectures and host for events

Liv Aira has lectures regarding dance connected to the sami culture and is an excellent host for the big events or dance shows/competitions.


Inspired by the Lule Sámi area and the "Sámi village between the rivers", where the dancer Liv Aira invites you to Sápmi. Through powerful yoik and dance, you will experience the steps we take to follow and continue the path our ancestors left traces of.

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