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between the rivers

About Luorkijdit

Inspired by the Lule Sámi area and "between the rivers", where the dancer Liv Aira invites you to Sápmi.


Through powerful yoik and dance, you will experience the steps we take to follow and continue the path our ancestors left traces of.


A piece where the audience can travel through time and nature to visit everything from the reindeer to the valuable water source.

Luorkijdit is an 8-20 min long dance piece that can be performed with or without a live yoik.


A suitable performance to initiate cultural events, conferences or as a short feature during various events.


Adaptable to different environments.

General information
Age group


Play time

8-20 min

Touring area



Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Sami

Shows per day


Max visitors

after agreement

Number of participants

1 dancer, 1 yoik artist

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