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11-12 December


The worlds first ever screendance festival by Sápmi. The festival is created by the none profit organisation Aktavuohta based in Jokkmokk, Swedish side of Sápmi, in collaboration with Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company.

We have gathered professional screendance from all over Sápmi and we are now happy to announce that you can join the festival for free, both live in Jokkmokk, Ája, and online through this page.

The festival offers film screening, online dance workshops, artistic talks, Q&A, lectures and more.

Don't miss this exiting weekend by the dancers of Sápmi.

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10.20 Welcome
10.30-12.00 Dance workshop streamed via Facebook

14.00-15.30 Film pass 1
16.00-17.30 Film pass 2

10.00-11.30 Dance workshop streamed via Facebook

13.00-13.30 Mask dance - Performance and lecture by Elisabeth Heilmann Blind
13.30-14.00 Panel discussion between the filmmakers
14.00-15.30 Film pass 3
15.30-16.00 Q&A

During the days you will get to see films created by Sami dance artists from Sápmi such as:

Marika Renhuvud
Giron Same Theater / Sebastian Björkman
Ola Stinnerbom
Elle Sofe Sara
Petra Howard
and more


The festival is organized by the cultural association Aktavuohta, with the support of: the Cultural Council, the Sami Parliament, the Norrbotten Region and Jokkmokk municipality / culture and leisure.


The dance classes take place in collaboration with Danscentrum Norr. We are collaborating with Stockholm Screendance Festival, the project Environmental Youth Media Voices and Invisible People Contemporary Dance Company.

We also collaborate with local companies like Care of Gerd, Storstålka, Sami Duodji, Restaurang Ájtte, Hotell Jokkmokk & Krog lokal

Starring artists

Marika Renhuvud, Giron Same Theater / Sebastian Björkman, Ola Stinnerbom, Elle Sofe Sara, Petra Howard,