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Dancing and culture from Sapmi in Storforsen

About Bidum iedno

Bidum iedno "Piteå river" is the overall name for a further process with projects that will have shows every year in Storforsen and with a new production every other year.


Through the process, we want to bring to life voices from Sami life, stories and language along Bidum iedno, Piteälven, from a Sami inside perspective. We will express it in a stage production, where dance together with music, costume and scenography and surrounding environment creates a wholeness.


The process involves business, the hospitality industry, Sami villages, cultural institutions, cultural carriers and other stakeholders and a network is built up.

The story

The Sami history and tradition along Bidum iedno, the Pite River, is strong but less visible in the public space.


Although the stories exist, meetings take place, the Sami presence is alive and memories exist in local people and local associations, the public's knowledge is largely non-existent due to structural invisibility over a long period of time.


The stories have their own value and they are part of our common history and part of our present, and they deserve to be allowed to take place in the public space.


Another aspect is Pitesami, which in 2019 received its own orthography (spelling and written language) which gives hope for a revitalization of the language, which is spoken by a few people and is included in the UN's list of endangered languages.

Storforsens "Trolltagen"

Storforsen has a tradition for public activities through the previous dance production Trolltagen, which has been a strongly recurring cultural element.


Trolltagen has strengthened the hospitality industry in the local area and inspired locals and visitors. It is possible that many have had their first encounter with professional dance through Trolltagen.


In this project we are looking for you!

We are happy to offer a lot of work opportunities in this project and would be happy to get your application for one of the following areas:



Participants Bidum Iedno


These are the participating artists

Liv Aira

Liv Aira

Founder, dancer, choreographer
Linn Lindström

Linn Lindström

Ole-Henrik Lifjell

Ole-Henrik Lifjell

Yoik Artist
Josefin Şîlan Karlsson

Josefin Şîlan Karlsson

Solveig Labba

Solveig Labba

Costume Designer
Marit Shirin

Marit Shirin

Isidor Abdelkader

Isidor Abdelkader

Composer, musician
Jenny Schinkler

Jenny Schinkler

Agnes Nilsson

Agnes Nilsson

Benjamin Löfgren

Benjamin Löfgren



This is where you will find links to articles and interviews

Press Bidum Iedno
Blog Bidum Iedno


Follow the process here


We are proud to work with the following financers & cooperations

  • Kulturrådet, Nationella minoriteter & Dans
  • Älvsbyns Kommun
  • Sparbanken Nord, Framtidsbanken
  • Region Norrbotten, Kultur & Danskonsulenten
  • Längmanska Företagsfonden
  • Danscentrum Norr
  • Danskonsulenten i Norrbotten
  • Northern Sustainable Future
  • Riksteatern Norrbotten
  • Storforsen Hotell
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Financers Bidum Iedno
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