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Spring summer

About Gidágiesse

Gidágiesse, meaning Spring Summer in Lule Sami, is the first film created in the dance film series "The Eight Seasons".


The spring-summer season is the time when the calves are born, the snow melts and nature grows. The season longed for during the long dark winter. A time of hope, anticipation and power...


...but also a time where our memories melt. The large blankets of snow that have hugged the ground are flowing away, babbling brooks, lush meadows, beautiful mountains but also clearcuts grow ahead.


We are reminded of the sadness of what we humans have already destroyed. Nature that has been stolen.


Hope and strength exist within us to continue to dare to fight for all the beauty we still have left in both our nature and culture.


Idea, choreography, dance, artistic direction: Liv Aira
Costume: Lise Tapio Pittja
Photo and color: Sami Maldonado Lizarazu
Music: Gustaf Järver
Boy: Elin Teilus
Editing: L
Assistant: Matilda Njaita

With the support of: The Culture Council and Jokkmokk municipality

The film premiered in 2021 at the Låvda - Sápmi screendance festival in Jokkmokk, initiated by Liv Aira. 

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