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Workshop Sunday

The workshop is based on my different experiences in working with floor work, what is also called generally for ‘floorwork’. It is a dynamic set between physically challenging coordination
and strength, but also an exploration in flow and close relation to the floor.

My inspirations comes from many years of training in techniques such as Flying Low, Release the Beast and the Japanese
martial arts Aikido. In all these forms we return to a balance between physical discipline, passion for dance and our inner musicality.


We will work with various ways to approach the floor from different levels and explore the body as a strong, hardened body where we draw courage to go beyond the physical, inherent limits we
puts in front of us. After we have found different contact surfaces between the body and the floor, we find the way to our resilient body and enjoyment of the dance.


The classes begin with exercises on the floor where we find contact with feet and hands that come help us move with ease across the floor. We will practice using strength and technology for keep us hovering, then develop the exercises in the form of phrases and improvisations where hands and feet help us to go from portrait to landscape where we scan all our contact surfaces.
Then we move on to more intensive exercises where we practice the feeling of 'flying over the floor' and feeling of control over our body and landings.

The class will end with a dance phrase / repertoire from the new performance ”of itself: in itself ”by Humans & Soil.
If you have any type of knee injury, it is recommended to bring knee pads.

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