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Welcome as volunteer!

In this page you fins all the information about being a volunteer at the festival Skájdde. We are really happy to meet you soon and look forward to make this festival something really beautiful for all participants.

I'm Jimmy Lundegård, responsible for this event. Liv Aira is responsible for all the shows and the artistic part. Welcome!

The work

We want this festival to be a nice place for everyone and decided to open up the possibility for everyone to have some choice about how much they want to work every day.

We made 2h slots for most of the tasks so that there is time to experience both the area and to see the show. None of the work has really heavy lifts but all the work is important to make this festival an enjoyable place. Depending on how much you work, what is included for you as a volunteer may vary, more about this under the subtitle The ackommodation and The food.

During your work we expect you to be respectful and forgiving, we are all here to both have a good time and to make all the visitors enjoy their festival time in Storforsen.

For this festival we though of three values that we want to focus on and that can be a foundation for the culture of the workplace. They are: We all have the same value, Listen and Stay. The first one might seem natural but it´s really important. The owner of the company making this show, Liv Aira, brought this up to all the artists too, when they started working here in Storforsen 17th of July.

The second one, Listen, is really important for all parts of this work. If you have a visitor asking something, let them talk and don't interrupt. If they are complaining, let them talk about it until they are done. Give them time to explain their feelings before you start saying something. We are not in a hurry.

The third one, Stay, is concerning our work times. If your coworker is a little late, stay around to make sure we don't lack that important service for the visitors. Contact the person coming in the app and if you don't get a respons, call Sofia to get some help at your station.

The ackommodation

We all live close to the festival, some in cabins, some in apartments. As standard, the sleeping arrangement is shared rooms bur if you travel with a friend or with children we can help you to get a separate room. Bring your own towel and bed sheets.

If you want to just work one or two 2h slot per day, ackommodation is not included but can be purchased for just 400kr/night. If you work three or four 2h slots per day, ackommodation is included.

Some of our work slots might be just a stand by, because we don't know exactly how many will come to the event. So you might not work all the work slots even though you have one assigned.

The food

To fit as many food preferences and allergies as possible, we will have a base dish that is vegan and that could be supplemented with some extras like meat, nuts, seeds, berries etc.. We arrange for breakfast in the cabins and in the apartments and when needed we refill during the stay. For each 2h work you get one food coupon (besides toilet hosts who get two coupons) The coupon can be used when you get your lunch, dinner or snack pack. The breakfast don't require a coupon cus we expect to to work at least one 2h work slot during one day. Extra coupons can be bought, they are 30kr/each. If you work or have stand by at four 2h slots, all food is included.


Jimmy +46707889496


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