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Concept: Linda Remahl
Dance: Liv Aira
Jojk: Elin Teilus
Movie: Kasia Baranowska
Field Recordings / SFX Daniel Caldeborn
Sound Mix / Mastering Tristan Shorr

Rijkuo-Maja is part of the film project ”100s years of woman power”, which highlight women who lived and worked in Norrbotten / Sápmi and their impact on cultural heritage and history that extends through time and space all the way into our present.


The film is inspired by stories about the legendary Rijkuo-Maja and her strong relationship to nature and its reindeer. When her wish to be buried on mountain Akkanålke did not come true, it is said that her 3000 reindeer fled Akkanålke and plunged to their death into the sea ice.

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