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Liv Aira

Liv Aira is a Sami dancer and choreographer from the very north of Sweden; Jokkmokk. She is "Lulesame" and very proud of her background and always brings it with her in her heart and art.

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My Story

The creations and movement research Liv is currently working on are connected to the themes of Sápmi like nature, instinct, animals, the nomadic people, politics, religion and other artistic work connected to Sápmi like visual arts, music and Yoik. ​


The interplay with nature is something that is central in Liv's work; visual in her movements and creations. Workshops also have organic influences inspired by the nature and flow of life. ​ Liv is looking for collaborations with other Sami artists who find her work interesting. Feel free to contact Liv for bookings of workshops, shows, as a choreographer, for questions and sponsorships.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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