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It takes a village…

Creators and performers / Oasseváldit: Sebastian Björkman and Rönn Lisa Zakrisson Påve

Text / Teaksta: Rönn Lisa Zakrisson Påve

Music / Musihkka: Daniel Savio

Costume / Bivttashábmen: Erica Huuva

Edit and Photo / Govvun ja čuohppan : Daniel Stålnacke and Jonathan Vitblom from Girdit media

The dance and poetry video performance "Gaíbiduvvo olles gilli..." is an investigation into what it means to be an indigenous people, connectivity and resistance, feelings of belonging and identity crises, the big city versus the village. The film is produced by Giron Sámi Teáhter.


With support by Kulturrådet and Sámediggi.

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