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Idea and concept: Viktor Öberg, Linnéa Sundling, Julius Aspman, Vilija Vitkuté

Dance: Linnéa Sundling

Bodypainting: Vilija Vitkuté

Videography and editing: Julius Aspman

Music: Amerika Band - ”Lever igen”

Projectleader: Viktor Öberg

Post production: Rickard Ahlbäck (grade), Anders Bergén (online)

Filmed in Abisko (Sweden), Henningsvaer (Norway) and Gällivare (Sweden)

Supported by the City of Stockholm/Stockholm stads kulturförvaltning

"Elements" is about the power of nature and eternally changing ways of existing. It is about man's relationship to the land that we borrow from our future generations. It is a longing to return, to be reunited with it. About letting go, about life and death, and the circle that binds us to eternity. It is a tribute to all the elements of nature and everything in between.

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