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Eatnanvuloš lottit

Written and directed by Marja Helander

Dance and choreography by Birit Haarla, Katja Haarla

Cinematography and editing by Mauri Lähdesmäki

Sound design by Pekka Aikio with Konsta Muffler Mikkonen, Pekka Kumpulainen

Sound mixing by Pekka Karjalainen / Meguru Film Sound Oy

Set assistant Outi Pieski

Assistant director Mauri Lähdesmäki

DCP Teijo Pellinen / Kinokki

Produced by Studio Marja Helander, 2018

Music composed by Tapani Rinne, Wimme Saari, Elle Sofe Henriksen, Konsta Mikkonen, Tuomas Norvio.

Eatnanvuloš lottit / Birds in the Earth is a short film based on dance and experimental storytelling. Two Sámi sisters, Birit and Katja Haarla, dance through the villages and lost woods of Sámi land all the way to the south, to Helsinki, where the

important decisions are made. The accent is on the ownership of Sámi land and the Sámi people´s rights in today's

Finland, the Sámi being the indigenous people of Fennoscandia. The polarity of Nature and the Western way of life is filtered through humor.

Music performed by Wimme & Rinne, RinneRadio:

Music from the albums “StaRRk” and “Human”;

Rockadillo Records, ℗ Zen Master Publishing Oy / Tapio Korjus


Tapani Rinne, Wimme Saari, Elle Sofe Henriksen,

Milla Viljamaa, Aili Ikonen, Stina Koistinen, Ilpo

Väisänen, Olivia Holladay, Konsta Muffler Mikkonen,

Tuomas Norvio

Film supported by:

Kone Foundation

International Sami Film Institute / Liisa Holmberg - Film commissioner

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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