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This is the big performing arts event this summer of 2022. If you arrange shows and want to cooperate with us regarding ticket sales and arranged bus tours for the audience, please feel free to contact us.

You will get a personal link that you can share in your channels and to your existing audience. Wa can help you with contacts to bus companies or with practical help with the digital spreading of the event. All cooperations will be mentioned here on this web page and your members can get a unique discount code.

For questions regarding tickets, sponsorship or business cooperations contact Jimmy Lundegård.

Liv Aira

Liv Aira

Artistic Dir. choreographer, dancer

Jimmy Lundegård

Jimmy Lundegård

Visual arts artist

Press material

Text for you to use in the marketing:
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The performance is suitable for both the date and the family with children, but also for the group of friends who want to experience art in nature.

Join us on a journey in Sápmi and experience enchanting Sami stories brought to life in a magical setting of Storforsen's unique environment.

In this summer's performance, we get to know the mythical Rika Maja who lived an exciting life about 150km from Storforsen in the 17th century. She was a powerful woman who, according to legend, had supernatural powers and could control both weather and reindeer.

Take the whole family on a real adventure and an experience that will stay in your heart for a long time.

Q & A

Which of the performances should we choose?

You can choose any of the performances you want, choose from Friday 6pm, Saturday 1pm or 6pm, Sunday 3pm

How does ticket sales work?

We sell tickets here on this website with help from the ticket service Billetto. Its an all inclusive ticket service with payment by card, Swish or Klarna. Guests can also buy a picknick backpack and rain poncho through this ticket service.

You can get a specific link from us where the tickets could be sold together with the transport or just for you to have full control over the tickets sold from your area. Contact Jimmy (, 070-7889496) for more info regarding this and to set up your personal link.

Can we trust that there are tickets to buy at the site?

Yes, we will have ticket sales at the entrance but we recommend you to get your specific link before the event, so that all guests have their ticket at arrival. This way they don't have to stand in queue.

Do we need to pre-book tickets?

We really recommend that you get a personal link, that could be limited to the amount of seats you have in a bus for example. It is kind of a pre-booking, and can be changed if you get more response.

We don't know how many tickets we need, can we pre-book?

No worries, with your personal link, you can have your personal amount of tickets to be sold, and we update you on the tickets sold, also with a list for your bus-trip.

How many do we need to be to have a group discount?

Contact Jimmy (, 070-7889496) for more info regarding personal discount codes for bigger groups. For members of Riksteatern who have an established collaboration with us, we offer a 20% discount on the regular ticket price.

Are there any tourist offices that can help with travels and/or hotel?

As soon as we get any more cooperations  we will ad them here on this page. For now we recommend the page Visit Älvsbyn

Will the show be touring in the south of Sweden?

No. This is the time for you to come and experience the wonderful show at the magical site of Storforsen.

Cooperating Associations

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We are happy that the following associations decided to arrange trips to our show this summer and we are looking forward to also see your name on this list!

Riksteaterföreningen i Haparanda

Riksteaterföreningen i Boden

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