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Biegga savkala duoddara duohken lea soames

Idea, concept, script, producer, director, script - Elle Sofe Sara idea,

Director of photography, editor: Ken are bongo
Composer: Georg Buljo
Music: George Buljo and Per Willy Aaserlund

Cast: Jos Baker and Nanina Kotlowski

Costume: Åsa Norling and Elle Sofe Sara

Light: Paul Tunge

Production assistant: Anne Bergseng
Poem: Synnove Persen


With the support of: Nordisk Filmsenter, Oddvar Einarson, Sápmi parlament Norge,

Norwegian Cultural Council, Burdir

Reveals a belief in the powers of nature. The choreography symbolizes evolution as a couple dances through time and space enjoying the wonders of the sky, passing objects and people that connect them to their Sámi ancestors.

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