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Production starts

This years dance production for the stage in Storforsen is in production. The name will be

Skájdde - The brass ring.

In this summer's performance, we meet a mother on a search for answers in Sápmi and she finds them through her brass ring and the godess materakka and her daughters.

Through dance, yoik, circus and music you will join her adventure and maybe also find answers for yourself.


The Nåjd and the white reindeer

Our new production for libraries and preeschool is really appreciated and open for booking.

"This was so easy to arrange and it really inspired the kids to use their imagination and to play!"

Sanna-Lisa Streuka - Dorotea Municipality

Inauguration - Opening of the new Sami dance center

16th of November is the official opening date for the new Sami dance center. Open call for Sami dancers to join for the opening week. Lots of activities, workshops, professional training and more.

Locals are welcome for the pre-opening on the 15th of November.


Dance film production

A new dance film was created in the mountains, it called Giesse - "summer" in lulesami.

It will be a part of the series "The eight sami seasons" and represents summer.

You will be able to see this in November at the new Sami Dance Center.

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